Settling in

We have been in our new house for just under two months and we are slowly settling in. Happily, we hosted 30 people for Christmas dinner and 15 for New Year’s Eve.  It was crazy and overwhelming, but super fun! Here are a few shots of the house on Christmas morning before all of the madness started.

ImageWe put both extensions in our dining room table, but we still had to use our kitchen table and a rented 60 inch round table.  ImageWe didn’t have a ton of time to decorate or furnish the house before Christmas, but we did the best we could. With a few trips to Home Goods, we were able to get the basics, like these sparkly hand towels. ImageWe still have a lot of items on our punch list, but the house is looking pretty finished, which is exciting.  Here is our very BLUE hall bathroom.


ImageWe have at least one of the guest rooms semi-furnished.

ImageOur master bathroom has the most outstanding punch list items.  We are still missing mirrors and hardware and we’d like for the tile work to be cleaned up. But it is absolutely functional. ImageI love our floating vanity.

ImageI can’t wait to use that bathtub. 🙂ImagePerhaps my favorite purchase so far is our beautiful upholstered bed frame.   Now we just need to get some bedroom furniture to join that sucker! Image


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I'm an arts educator, working in NYC and living in NJ with my husband and turtle. Follow along as my husband Mike and I venture through buying and designing our first home in a small town in NJ, about 30 minutes outside of Manhattan.
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1 Response to Settling in

  1. Meg G. says:

    It looks gorgeous! So glad to be able to ring in the New Year with you in your home! 🙂

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