Almost there.

Almost there.


About littletownbigcity

I'm an arts educator, working in NYC and living in NJ with my husband and turtle. Follow along as my husband Mike and I venture through buying and designing our first home in a small town in NJ, about 30 minutes outside of Manhattan.
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  1. saltylimes says:

    Hello! I started following your blog because we are on the same path of building a modular home. We started shorlly after you did and our exterior looks similar. I will attach photos once I find my cell phone. The funny thing is you chose the same cabinets we did: the Merrilat wall cabs in chiffon and the island in Kona. Nice choice! We chose an antique brown granite for counters and a honed marble for the island. We were two weeks away from completion last week when the town issued a ceas work order because apparently the surveyor got the property line wrong! Now we are waiting to see how tis will resolve. Curious what knobs you chose and pain colors. Please post pics of the kitchen when you can. Wait til you see our pics…remarkably similar and quite a coincidence given that we both started building around the same time. We went with a stained birch on the hardwoods and agonized over that decision. Also we ordered the pendants and chandelier and foyer lights after agonizing for IRS over them. Would love to see what pendants you went with. Hope moving in goes smoothly!

    • Thanks for your comment! How funny that you are also building a similar modular house. 😉 I’d love to see your pictures. It sounds beautiful, especially the honed granite and birch floors. I’ll post some interior shots later today. Good luck with the property line issue. I hope it gets resolved very quickly!

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